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see WalachiaWalachia
or Wallachia
, historic region (29,568 sq mi/76,581 sq km), S Romania. The Transylvanian Alps separate it in the NW from Transylvania and the Banat; the Danube separates it from Serbia in the west, Bulgaria in the south, and N Dobruja in the east; in the
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one of the peoples constituting the Rumanian nation.

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8) According to Hugh Poulton, "Studies in the 1930s recorded 3000 to 4000 Vlahs in Bitola, 2000 to 3000 in Skopje, and 1500 in Krusevo which was predominantly Vlah at the time" (H.
This is the case of ethnic Hungarians who were dispersed across Romania; Vlahs, Pomaks and Turks who were also dispersed across Bulgaria; and Greeks who were dispersed throughout Albania.
Indeed, while ethnic Vlah and Gypsy parties exist and they demand rights for their peoples, these tend to focus on some common interest other than territory.