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Traffic is classified according to a variety of characteristics VLAN, source / destination IP address, subnet, port, protocol, DSCP bits, or any combination thereof.
Jagdish Vadalia Senior Manager at GL said, " PacketExpert(TM) is a portable Quad Port Ethernet / VLAN / MPLS / IP / UDP Tester with 4 Electrical Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 2 Optical Ports (1000 Mbps).
When you are running a common router that is actually on the same switch doing multiple networks, and there is no VLAN of those networks, then it is just the IP space that is different.
As an example all of the users for a single department can be grouped on the same VLAN, even if each one is at a different geographical location.
For example, one of our Pilot customers needed support for VLAN tagging and reporting.
Requiring no infrastructure changes, the Agile VLAN feature adds security Layer 2 encryption capability to the TACLANE, while maintaining security benefits and interoperability with standard HAIPE devices.
Enterprise networks that segregate tag VLAN data by department or location can use VLAN media converters as intelligent switches that securely isolate and direct each department's VLAN data, as well as the network-management traffic.
Vixel's 7000 series switches leverage VLAN technology for Storage Area Networks via a technique called Zoning.
NetSensory's VLAN Tagging capabilities provide users with the ability to read and interpret 802.
The new campus network is set up with state of art VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) using HP's latest layer 3 switches with over 12 subnets and the abilities to support several hundreds of devices running at giga-bit speed.
VLANs help network administrators address the problem of how to divide large networks into more manageable parts to prevent broadcast and multicast traffic from consuming excessive bandwidth.