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Telefield International Holdings declared that its subsidiary, Telefield NA has contracted 888VoIP as a master distributor of Telefield SMB VoIP Phones in the United States.
3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Yealink, one of the world's three largest VoIP phone manufacturers, is the third vendor to successfully complete interoperability testing (IOT) with Flowroute.
Cui demonstrated how they can easily insert malicious code into a Cisco VoIP phone (any of the 14 Cisco Unified IP Phone models) and start eavesdropping on private conversations-not just on the phone but also in the phone's surroundings-from anywhere in the world.
As an additional benefit to new subscribers, the phone service provider also offers a free Linksys router with every new plan purchase, allowing companies to install their holistic VoIP phone systems with little delay.
snom technology AG, a developer and manufacturer of VoIP phones, announced on Wednesday (21 May) the first open-standard native Office Communication SIP (OCS) telephone.
Using a common Cisco-branded VoIP phone, Cui inserted and then removed a small external circuit board from the phone's Ethernet port--something Cui asserted could be easily accomplished by a company visitor left unattended for a few seconds--and starting using his own smartphone to capture every word spoken near the VoIP phone, even though it was still 'on-hook.
com/) offers free information on VoIP phone systems, manufacturers, providers and features.
com)-- Internet phone provider ITP VoIP has distributed a useful checklist for customers who are considering VoIP phone service but are unsure about making the switch from a traditional landline.
FreedomVOICE[R], creators of the FreedomIQ[R] Hosted VoIP PBX, today released a premier VoIP phone buyer's guide for the FreedomIQ service.
Their VoIP Phone range offers a variety of models that are ideal for businesses, from desk phones to android based solutions.
Sold elsewhere for the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $147, and available at other large-scale online retailers for around $94, the VoIPMart offers by far the lowest price of $86 for the Aastra 6731i VoIP phone.