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Premierement, le vocable de << groupes >> se reflete de maniere plus frappante dans les debats autour des soi-disant << tribunaux d'arbitrage islamique >> en Ontario et des << accommodements raisonnables >> des groupes religieux (a savoir les Sikhs, les Musulmans et les ]uifs orthodoxes) au Quebec (11).
Les regles du Code civil du Quebec relatives a la force obligatoire et au contenu des contrats eclairent toutefois au-dela du sens commun de ces vocables.
The unit on which the vocables appear to be based is the syllable ya.
Cette fois-ci, il s'agira surtout de suivre l'usage du vocable << africain >> jusqu'au lendemain de 1804.
But certainly this is not news to fans of the contemporary powwow drum genre who are most likely familiar with "Cree Confedz" and their infectious style that incorporates a pronounced mix of songs sung in either the Cree language and in vocables.
The clone of Shakespeare's character, after cataloging the deceitful usages of words and vocables, decides to fight sophistry the Socratic way: speaking rhymes against rhymes.
I draw some preliminary conclusions about the nature of Kun-barlang song language, particularly in relation to the rhythmic setting of words in song texts and the use of vocables as structural markers.
La polysemie que recouvrent aujourd'hui les vocables marron et marronnage peut-elle etre consideree comme l'expression d'un registre memoriel, comme la trace d'une memoire en actes ?
Users who learn only the first fifty vocables (items that occur 890 or more times) will recognize 55 percent of the 419,687 words that occur in the Hebrew Bible.
This monograph is the result of a dissertation designed to examine the evidence from epigraphic sources for the Egyptian vocables that have entered the Phoenician, Hebrew, and Aramaic languages.
The texts of Maralung's songs comprise almost entirely vocables -- that is, words with no meaning in normal language.
In the introduction to his marvelous collection of essays on archeology, Luminous Debris, Sobin describes the connection directly: "I'd go out 'silexing' after a day's work as a writer, and find myself, once again, scouring the empty expanses before me, scouring the ground for a second set of stray vocables, lost nominals.