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Sectra is a pioneer in mobile voice encryption, with 20 years experience of mastering mobile secure communication systems, says Menno van den Berg, Vice President Mobile at Samsung Electronics Benelux.
The US Department of Defense (DoD) has approved the latest software enhancements to Airbus Group's secure voice encryption device, ECTOCRYP Black, listing it as a DoD secure communications device on the Defense Information Systems Agency-approved products list, the company said.
Analysts working for police, the National Crime Agency (NCA), the Borders Agency and HM Revenue and Customs have also warned specialist mobile devices offering voice encryption are impossible to breach.
BlackBerry Limited has introduced voice encryption solution SecuSUITE for Enterprise that protects mobile calls with a maximum level of security and is a multi-OS offering to be used on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 operating systems.
provides voice encryption for existing IP-telephone apps (Skype, Viber, etc.
Voice encryption has shot to the limelight in view of the mass international snooping as revealed by Edward Snowden, raising security and privacy issues on a worldwide scale.
The officials said smart phones issued to State Department officials had data encryption but not voice encryption.
has unveiled that Kryptos, the company's secure voice encryption App for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones has surpassed over the threshold of 100 countries worldwide in which users have selected Kryptos as their secure communications solution.
Cassidian UK is providing Parliament with information communication technology (ICT) services and the US government's Defense Information Systems Agency with secure voice encryption devices.
DISA Voice Services Purchases Voice Encryption Device From EADS North America The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has signed an agreement with EADS North America to purchase three units of its ECTOCRYP[umlaut] Black high-capacity secure voice encryption device.
With no other hardware-based voice encryption for iPhone on the market, TrustChip and TrustCall provide a critical security solution," said Bill Supernor, Chief Technology Officer of KoolSpan.
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