an ancient Russian city and harbor located at the confluence of the Sula and Dnieper rivers. Founded at the end of the tenth century. Voin’ served as a fortress defending the borders of Kievan Rus’ from nomads (Torks and Polovtsy). The city is first mentioned in the chronicle under 1055. The Polovtsy burned the city in 1184, but it was later rebuilt. The Mongol-Tatars destroyed Voin’ in 1240. Archaeological digs were conducted on the site from 1956 to 1959. The citadel (about 5 hectares in area) was enclosed by a strong wooden wall, ramparts, and moat. Along the wall were discovered 100 framework cells, which served as quarters for the garrison. Surface buildings and semidugouts were discovered in the citadel and in the commercial-artisan quarter (about 23 hectares in area); traders and artisans used these buildings. The site of Voin’ has been flooded by the construction of the Kremenchug Reservoir.


Dovzhenok, V. I., V. K. Goncharov, and R. O. Iura. Drevn’orus’ke misto Voin’. Kiev, 1966.


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