Crater Lake

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crater lake

[′krād·ər ‚lāk]
A fresh-water lake formed by the accumulation of rain and groundwater in a caldera or crater.

Crater Lake


a lake in the southern Cascades in the USA (Oregon). Situated at an elevation of 1,880 m in the crater of the extinct Mazama volcano. Area, approximately 52 sq km; depths, up to 600 m. The lake is fed by rain and snow and has no inlet or outlet. The water is bright blue; the multicolored banks are 150–600 m high. Crater Lake attracts many tourists with its exceptional beauty. It is located in a national park.

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Their goal is to develop as a rowing eight in a rowing race across a deep water volcanic lake, against another novice team, similarly picked out.
Words have all died in the hollow of time, piling up soundlessly at the dark bottom of a volcanic lake.
Also don't miss Grand Etang, site of a peaceful volcanic lake, and lush rain forest filled with monkeys that will eat bananas and mints from your hand.
The hierarchy of water temples starts upstream at the volcanic Lake Batur and extends down to the smallest group of water users, about the size of a neighborhood.
Knockout settings in Puglia include salt fields, a volcanic lake surrounded by dazzling red cliffs and cactus-covered plains that look straight out of Mexico.
The trip takes us to an overlook where we can view Kintamani, a volcanic lake, and Gunung Agung, a volcano that towers more than 10,000 feet high and last erupted in 1963.
Washing water from the volcanic lake El Junco provides the only fresh water supplies on the Galapagos Island.
Highlights of your might include a visit to the spectacular Annandale Falls--crystal-clear cascades splashing in a Garden of Eden setting; LaSagesse Nature Center; historic Fort Frederick; and the stunning Grand Etang National Park, where a pristine volcanic lake sits in the middle of a misty rain forest.
Italian officials hope the piece will lead them to what may have been a palace owned by Caligula on volcanic Lake Nemi, reports the Telegraph.
Around 73,000 years ago, the Toba volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra erupted, sending an estimated 800 cubic kilometres of ash into the atmosphere and producing a 100-kilometre-long crater that now hosts the world's largest volcanic lake (right).
The footprints were preserved as trace fossils in volcanic Xalnene ash along what was the shoreline of an ancient volcanic lake The trails became submerged when the water levels rose and the footprints were preserved until quarry workers excavated the lake sediment to use the ash, which is now as hard as concrete, as a building material.
A volcanic lake in Cameroon provided a natural illustration of this scenario in 1986, when a bubble of carbon dioxide escaped from the water and killed 1,700 people.