Crater Lake

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crater lake

[′krād·ər ‚lāk]
A fresh-water lake formed by the accumulation of rain and groundwater in a caldera or crater.

Crater Lake


a lake in the southern Cascades in the USA (Oregon). Situated at an elevation of 1,880 m in the crater of the extinct Mazama volcano. Area, approximately 52 sq km; depths, up to 600 m. The lake is fed by rain and snow and has no inlet or outlet. The water is bright blue; the multicolored banks are 150–600 m high. Crater Lake attracts many tourists with its exceptional beauty. It is located in a national park.

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Italian officials hope the piece will lead them to what may have been a palace owned by Caligula on volcanic Lake Nemi, reports the Telegraph.
The footprints were preserved as trace fossils in volcanic Xalnene ash along what was the shoreline of an ancient volcanic lake The trails became submerged when the water levels rose and the footprints were preserved until quarry workers excavated the lake sediment to use the ash, which is now as hard as concrete, as a building material.
A volcanic lake in Cameroon provided a natural illustration of this scenario in 1986, when a bubble of carbon dioxide escaped from the water and killed 1,700 people.
The footprints were preserved as trace fossils in volcanic ash along what was the shoreline of an ancient volcanic lake
Workers have dug a canal to within 17 feet of a rapidly rising volcanic lake that threatens to collapse Pinatubo's crater and flood villages.
go whale watching, above, or enjoy lush countryside and volcanic lakes across the nine gorgeous islands
We see this in some volcanic lakes in East African today," the BBC quoted Dr Walter Joyce of the University of Tubingen, as saying.
On top of that it harbors amazing natural beauty, including mountains, plains, valleys, deserts, rivers, volcanic lakes and abundant wildlife.
it) set in beautiful old buildings within natural scenery composed of centuries-old verdant trees and the bliss of the two volcanic lakes of Albano and Nemi.
2] are gradually released from volcanic lakes when seasonal changes cause cold and warm layers of water to mix.
Volcanic lakes, dramatic coastal scenery, geysers and the clear seas of the Atlantic Ocean.
On their five-day trip, beginning on July 6, they will face volcanic lakes, snowfields and steaming vents.