Volkonskh, Petr

Volkonskh, Petr Mikhailovich


Born Apr. 25 (May 6), 1776, in St. Petersburg; died there Aug. 27 (Sept. 8), 1852. Prince, high Russian dignitary, general field marshal (from 1843), member of the Council of State (from 1821).

Volkonskii took part in the Patriotic War of 1812. He occupied the post of quartermaster general of the Russian Army in 1810-12 and was the founder of the St. Petersburg Military College (of file leaders). In 1813-14 he was chief of the General Staff for Alexander I, and from 1815 to 1823 he was chief of the military directorate. He participated in the work of the Congress of Vienna (1814-15). Under Nicholas I, Volkonskii was minister of the imperial court and of crown properties (1826-52).


Biograficheskii ocherk general-fel’dmarshala svetleishego kniazia P. M. Volkonskogo (1776-1852). St. Petersburg, 1914.