Vologda-Perm Chronicle

Vologda-Perm’ Chronicle


a general Russian chronicle compilation, whose author held to a pro-Moscow political orientation. The chronicle was compiled before 1502 at the court of the archbishop of Perm’, Filofei, and had as its basis the Sofiia I Chronicle (up to 1418), continued by the 1480 compilation and by Moscow chronicle information and local Vologda-Perm’ documentation for the period 1483-96. Later, the Vologda-Perm’ Chronicle was brought up to 1526 on the basis of Moscow sources very close in content to the Voskresensk and Sofiia II chronicles. The compilation of 1526 was extended with documentation for the period 1527-39 based on Moscow chronicle materials. The Vologda-Perm’ Chronicle is one of the most important sources for the history of the Russian centralized state.


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