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(vô`lôs), city (1991 pop. 77,192), capital of Magnisia prefecture, E Greece, in Thessaly, on the Gulf of Vólos, an inlet of the Aegean Sea. The principal port of Thessaly, Vólos is a transportation, commercial, and industrial center. Its leading exports are tobacco, wheat, wine, cotton, and olives. Vólos is located near the sites of the ancient towns of Pagasae and Demetrias. It was known as Gholos under Ottoman rule and was modernized after it passed to Greece in 1881. An earthquake in 1955 damaged much of the city.



a city and port in Greece, in Thessaly, on a bay of the Aegean Sea. Administrative center of the prefecture of Magnisia. Population, 49,200 (1961). Volos is an important commercial center (a large trade fair). There are enterprises of the textile, food, tobacco, and leather industries. In the city are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

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From the ENT Department, General Hospital of Volos "Achillopoulio," Volos, Greece (Dr.
This consultation was organized by the World Council of Churches programme "Women in Church and Society" and hosted by the Volos Academy for Theological Studies and the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias.
7-13: "Mamma Mia" comes to life with calls to Skiatos Island, Volos, Kayala and Thassos Island, Greece.
However, in the August issue of Israel & Christians Today I read of the World Council of Churches declaring the Jewish State "a sin," and reaffirming "replacement" theology at their recent conference in Volos, Greece, and condemned Israel's stand against the Palestinians.
Fans are angry after Olympiakos Volos was thrown out of the Greek Super League along with Kavala and demoted to division four, over match-fixing allegations.
The games were initially scheduled to be held in Greece's Larissa and Volos cities, but they have been stripped of the hosting rights due to the country's failure to conform to its organizational commitments.
The Volos Archaeological Museum has significant exhibits, from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic and Roman periods (almost 7 millennia), and was expanded around 2004.
Plants considered to be non strategic assets also include: Simpe (Italy), Portalegre (Portugal), IQA (Tarragona), Volos (Greece) and TurkPET (Turkey).
She was born in Volos, Greece the daughter of Dimitrios and Magdalini (Voulelikas) Zahara.
00pm) The Orpheus crew plans to escape to the surface with the lava bug samples, but sinister forces on board the decrepit Volos still pose a threat to their safety.
The Orpheus crew must now seek a way of getting the lava bug sample to the surface safely but the Volos is still out there, and comic book villains Zubov and Raymond are now working together.
Ports of call are Gibraltar, Cagliari, Kalamata, Athens, Volos, Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya, Rhodes, Valletta, Cadiz, Lisbon, returning to Dover on November 18.