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(vô`lôs), city (1991 pop. 77,192), capital of Magnisia prefecture, E Greece, in Thessaly, on the Gulf of Vólos, an inlet of the Aegean Sea. The principal port of Thessaly, Vólos is a transportation, commercial, and industrial center. Its leading exports are tobacco, wheat, wine, cotton, and olives. Vólos is located near the sites of the ancient towns of Pagasae and Demetrias. It was known as Gholos under Ottoman rule and was modernized after it passed to Greece in 1881. An earthquake in 1955 damaged much of the city.



a city and port in Greece, in Thessaly, on a bay of the Aegean Sea. Administrative center of the prefecture of Magnisia. Population, 49,200 (1961). Volos is an important commercial center (a large trade fair). There are enterprises of the textile, food, tobacco, and leather industries. In the city are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

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From the ENT Department, General Hospital of Volos "Achillopoulio," Volos, Greece (Dr.
Ports of call include: departure from Thess a loniki, cruise through the Corinth Canal, Corfu Town, Corfu; Durres, Albania; Parga, Greece, Piraeus for Athens; Volos, Greece and finishing in Thessalonik.
The 2004 Olympic Games' football competitions (better known as soccer here in the States) at Panthessaliko Stadium in Volos, Greece, will play out on DD GrassMaster, a synthetically reinforced natural-grass field developed and installed by Desso DLW Sports Systems, a subsidiary of Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
The event was sponsored by Lomvardos Cold Stores, Volos, Greece and organized by Robert McNamara, the Business Development Manager of the company.
The event was sponsored by Lomvardos Cold Stores, Volos, Greece, and organized by Robert McNamara, business development manager of the company.
He received his degree in Industrial & Mechanical Engineering from University of Thessalias, Volos, Greece.
He is the first prize winner of the International Guitar Competitions of Volos, Greece, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic and Tokyo.
The journal issue is inspired and engendered by a June 2011 consultation, jointly sponsored by the World Council of Churches and Volos Theological Academy, in Volos, Greece.
Janiak spent a semester studying architecture in Volos, Greece previous to graduating with a Bachelors of Architecture degree from Drury University in 2005.
2) Regarding this last point, the Volos Academy for Theological Studies of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, in cooperation with the Greek Biblical Society, organized, on April 19, 2007, in Volos, Greece, a public seminar on the topic: "The Distribution of the Bible in Traditionally Islamic Countries, Turkey, and the Middle East" (see www.
Pantelis Kalaitzidis of the Academy for Theological Studies in Volos, Greece, surveys contemporary challenges facing the Orthodox Church.