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A high-speed interface used to connect storage networks and computer clusters, introduced in 1999. Using switched, point-to-point channels similar to mainframes and also similar to PCI Express (switched version of PCI), InfiniBand is designed for fabric architectures interconnecting devices in local networks.

A Technology Merger
Supporting both copper wire and optical fibers and originally known as "System I/O," InfiniBand is a combination of Intel's NGIO (Next Generation I/O) and Future I/O from IBM, HP and Compaq. For more information, visit the InfiniBand Trade Association at See RDMA, PCI Express, NGIO and Future I/O.

   Data transfer rate is
   80% of signaling speed.

 Type           Number of(DR =          Bonded Channels data rate)     1x   4x   8x   12xSingle (SDR)   2.5   10  20   30

 Double (DDR)5   20   40   60

 Quad (QDR)10   40   80  120

 14 (FDR)14   56  112  168

 Enhanced (EDR)  26  104  208  312
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Voltaire said it will announce OEM partners for the switch in the coming months -- Voltaire Infiniband OEMs include IBM, HP and Sun -- and hypervisor partners as early as this week.
Voltaire InfiniBand and VMA[TM] Software Contribute to World's Fastest Order Execution Ever Tested at less than 90 Microseconds Door-to-Door
The Voltaire InfiniBand switches are integral for enabling the high performance, efficiency and stability of our 30,000-plus cores supercomputer.
The inclusion of a Voltaire InfiniBand fabric in the design provides an ultra-fast communication mechanism between the servers and the storage to dramatically speed up the performance of the applications running on the system.
Voltaire developed the Grid Control Plug-in in response to the growing demand for Voltaire InfiniBand as the I/O interconnect in Oracle RAC implementations.
IBM has offered Voltaire InfiniBand switches and software as part of its HPC and data center portfolios since 2004.
China Mobile, Loyalty Partner Solutions and Turkcell Lower the Cost of Computing with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Voltaire InfiniBand
The Dawning TC3600 Blade System with Voltaire InfiniBand provides an efficient infrastructure solution to generate maximum performance for mission-critical applications while also reducing costs, space and power requirements," said Nie Hua, vice president of Dawning.
Many of the world's most popular automotive brands already use Voltaire InfiniBand as part of their design processes and we are pleased to continue our leadership in this market through this exciting initiative with CU-CCMS.
The use of Voltaire InfiniBand switches for the system's cluster interconnect greatly improves the efficiency of the overall system as well as the software's performance, allowing for deeper and faster analysis and decreasing the design time needed for new propellers.
3 with Novell[R] SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time on HP c-Class Blades, Intel Xeon[R] processors, and Voltaire InfiniBand," STAC measured the performance of a market data stack based on the Reuters Market Data System when running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and compared it to the same stack using a general purpose operating system and gigabit Ethernet technologies.