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1. Law
a. a person who does some act or enters into a transaction without being under any legal obligation to do so and without being promised any remuneration for his services
b. Property law a person to whom property is transferred without his giving any valuable consideration in return, as a legatee under a will
a. a plant that grows from seed that has not been deliberately sown
b. (as modifier): a volunteer plant



a person who voluntarily enters military service. In several countries the system of volunteers was the basic means of army recruitment—for example, in Great Britain before World War I (1914-18)—before the introduction of universal military obligation. In the 18th century and the first half of the 19th, volunteer battalions and regiments existed in Austria-Hungary, France, and Italy that had joined the ranks of the regular army. In the second half of the 19th century the system of volunteers lost its significance in most states; it is still a means of army recruitment in Great Britain (since 1961) and serves as a supplement to the regular army in certain other states, particularly in time of war.



a serviceman in the Russian or foreign armies who would voluntarily enter military service on terms that were advantageous to him after having received a higher or secondary education (in Russia, also before completion of secondary education). The features of volunteer service that distinguish it from regular army duty included a shortened duration of service and of the time required for promotion in rank, the right to live on one’s own income outside the barracks, and the obligation to take an examination at the conclusion of service for the rank of junior officer in the reserves(in Russia, warrant officer).

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Through the Dubai Volunteering Center- operating under the umbrella of CDA - we seek to increase volunteering activities and regulate voluntary work.
Everybody Counts is run to encourage voluntary work and to recognise the difference chartered accountants can make to their local communities.
The Award certificate highlighted Hasan efforts in supporting voluntary work in Sharjah.
People volunteering for a recognised scheme/organisation should be given a Community/ Citizen's Card, which would be certified by the voluntary organisation after each year's voluntary work.
But Ryder has been forced to undertake voluntary work after admitting his behaviour towards staff in the Emergency Department of Christchurch Hospital following his admission on Sunday morning.
You could also do voluntary work which is very rewarding.
Three million a year already do voluntary work but the Government are considering offering grants to boost that figure.
She pays tribute to her husband and family (she has four children--two others have died--and five grandchildren) for allowing her to spend `three quarters of my life' doing voluntary work for her people.
Ralph Dills, D-Gardena, would have immediately set up a process for a voluntary work reduction program instead of the mandatory furloughs the governor is demanding.
Ahmed bin Hassan al-Dheeb, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Arbitration Committee said that the progress made by the Award is in line with the international practices in the field of voluntary work.
12 (BNA): The Governor of the Capital Governorate, Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, said voluntary work is one of the features that reflect the advancement of a nation and prosperity of its citizens who would engage in voluntary work pro rata with their level of advancement and prosperity.
DOHA, Sept 29 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti official was selected as vice-president of the Arab Union for Voluntary Work (AUVW), it was learned here on Tuesday.

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