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a river in Smolensk Oblast, RSFSR. A right tributary of the Dnieper. Length, 158 km; basin area, 3,300 sq km. The Vop’ flows within the Smolensk Upland; in its upper reaches it flows amid swamps and lower on through a broad valley covered with sparse forests or meadows which are partly swampy. The mean annual discharge at the mouth is about 22 cu m per sec. During the spring, timber is floated down the river. The city of lartsevo is situated on the Vop’.

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When asked if the station was meant to represent the opposition MDC party, Brice played down the political significance of the VOP by staring that the station was there to educate Zimbabwe's rural listeners in various non-political topics, like the Aids epidemic.
Another foreign charity tied to VOP by Radio Netherlands is The Hague-based Hivos, which like OSISA, also works to promote democracy and human rights around the world.
He got involved in VOP at the suggestion of his wife.
In addition to his VOP work, Fuller is a licensed private investigator and shortly after arriving in the valley, he started his own business, Advanced Investigations.
Sprint has invested a great deal in the technology covered by its VOP portfolio," said Harley Ball, vice president of intellectual property for Sprint.
In October 2005, Sprint filed suit against Vonage Holdings and Voiceglo Communications in the same Kansas court asserting infringement of seven VOP patents.
We're confident that the VOP will not only drive new opportunities for our CEPAs but even more importantly, improvements in enterprise value and successful transitions for their clients.
We look forward to our strategic alliance with EPI and to working with their Certified Exit Planning Advisors by assisting them with the incorporation and implementation of the VOP to help strengthen their consultancies.