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symbol for the element iridiumiridium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Ir; at. no. 77; at. wt. 192.217; m.p. about 2,410°C;; b.p. about 4,130°C;; sp. gr. 22.55 at 20°C;; valence +3 or +4.
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Abbrev. for infrared.




Abbr. for “inside radius.”






The country code for Iran.


(1) (Industry Remarketer) See VAR and VAD.

(2) See infrared, IR detector and IrDA.

(3) See information resources.
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Yo voy a aclarar todo, en su momento, como el me lo esta pidiendo.
Voy Por Ustedes is 2-1 favourite for that race which is turning into one of the most competitive of the meeting with Tidal Bay, Exotic Dancer, Imperial Commander and Royal-owned Barbers Shop among the shortest priced horses.
Master Minded has readily disposed of his rival in the past but, this time, Voy Por Ustedes (5-1) matched strides.
Following a big leap at the second last from Master Minded, he seemed to run out of steam under Ruby Walsh to allow Voy Por Ustedes to powered away and score by 18 lengths.
MELLING MAGIC: Voy Por Ustedes and Robert Thornton head for victory in the John Smith's Melling Chase at Aintree yesterday.
Meanwhile, Voy Por Ustedes was making relentless progress and it was between those two horses at the last that the valiant Ashley Brook came down.
AMERICAN SYSTEMS, an employee-owned, government IT solutions provider, today announced the promotion of Mary Voy to vice president and director of the Training Operations Directorate under the company's Managed Services Strategic offering.
Solo quiero explicarlo, normalmente no voy asi>>, confeso, sin darle mayor importancia y ante el asombro de todos.
Voy en el Metro, que grandote, rapidote, que limpiote; que diferiencia del camion de mi compadre .
Gerardo Ceballos (doctor en ciencias): No se que voy a hacer.
That honour went to Voy Por Ustedes, the Champion Chase winner from the previous season, while Monet's Garden was also more popular with punters.