Vsevolod Iaroslavich

Vsevolod Iaroslavich


Born 1030; died 1093. Russian prince; fourth son of laroslav the Wise, upon whose death in 1054 he received Southern Pereiaslavl’, lands along the Volga, Rostov, Suzdal’, and Beloozero.

Vsevolod laroslavich entered into an alliance with his older brothers Iziaslav and Sviatoslav. Together they fought against the Torks, defended themselves against the Polovtsy, and compiled the so-called Law of laroslav’ s Sons. In 1073 the alliance broke up. In 1077, Vsevolod laroslavich inherited the throne of Kiev upon Sviatoslav’ s death but yielded it to Iziaslav in exchange for Sviatoslav’ s territory, the city of Chernigov. After Iziaslav’ s death in 1078, Vsevolod laroslavich became the grand prince of Kiev. One of the best educated of the Russian princes, he knew five languages.


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