Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

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Vuillaume, Jean-Baptiste


Born Oct. 7, 1798, in Mirecourt; died Mar. 19, 1875, in Paris. French master craftsman of bowed instruments.

In 1828, Vuillaume opened his own workshop in Paris. Beginning in 1835, he worked on imitations of old Italian instruments (for the most part, Stradivari and Guarnieri models). From 1865 he made violins, violas, and cellos, based on a model which he himself had created. Vuillaume affirmed a new, uniquely national type of sound for bowed instruments—bright and intense but insufficiently flexible. He invented original designs for the double bass (the so-called octobasse, 1849), the viola (the so-called alto viola, 1855), and a special sourdine pedale for the piano (1867). Vuillaume’s best instruments are used in concerts to the present day.

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Thierry Paviot and Nicolas Vuillaume, Access Control Electrician, ensure the continuity of electrical connections from 16 A to 400 A with Marechal's SP, PF, Decontactor DS and DSN ranges.
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Alcatel's communications and networking solutions function to evolve the business models of health care organizations and improve patient care while increasing revenues and profits," said Chris Vuillaume, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for Alcatel Enterprise voice activities.
Cheltenham is a very interesting example of the network aspect because they are providing a single set of features across the whole district," says Chris Vuillaume, a vice president of marketing for Alcatel.
Adela plays a violin made by Jean-Baptists Vuillaume in Paris, 1846, and is a member of the New York Philomusica Chamber Ensemble and concertmaster of the Orphus Chamber Ensemble.