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File systems: Compaq Tru64 UFS and AdvFS, HP-UX HFS and JFS, IBM AIX JFS and JFS2, IBM OS/390 Datasets, Linux ext2, Microsoft Windows NTFS, Sun Solaris UFS, Veritas VxFS (HP-UX and Solaris).
Alternatively, an expert menu provides key features such as CMOS restore, fixing a vxfs PANIC, BTLD support -- including all three BTLD formats, Hard Disk Single User mode and a Slice Manager that provides welcome relief to those experts struggling with edvtoc.
UVDM will provide users with the same high performance that they are used to from industry leading file systems such as SGI's XFS, SUN's UFS, Hewlett-Packard's HFS and Veritas's VxFS, while supplying a world class HSM on the back end.
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