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A Common Lisp implementation in a shared library by Wade Hennessey <wade@leland.Stanford.edu>. WCL is not a complete Common Lisp, but it does have the full development environment including dynamic file loading and debugging. A modified version of GDB provides mixed-language debugging.

Version 2.14 includes a shared library, run-time support and source debugger. It requires GNU GCC 2.1 (not 2.2.2) and runs on SPARC under SunOS.

ftp://sunrise.stanford.edu/pub/wcl/. Mailing list: <wcl-request@sunrise.stanford.edu>. E-mail: <wcl@sunrise.stanford.edu>.

[Proceedings of the 1992 Lisp and Functional Programming Conference].
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The mission of the WCL Qatar Advisory Board will be to provide guidance and support in the development and furtherance of learning-focused education with a global perspective through Compass International Schools.
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The WCL has been a 30-year dream of mine, and I'm very pleased to see how quickly it was embraced by fans and even me.
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30 /PRNewswire/ -- Former "Veteran of the Year" Chuck Norris is bringing the crowd pleasing, full throttle action of World Combat League to Miami's James Knight Center on Friday, November 10th with a special tribute to all uniformed service personnel, which includes savings on tickets, as the League's first ever WCL East Coast Playoffs get underway.
In addition to the WCL Toolkit's original functionality, there have been several enhancements and new features made to this version.
Jason Grub joins WCL UK as European data centre manager, after leaving Unisys where he held the position of integration architect.
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Based in London, WCL specializes in JDEdwards(R) implementation solutions through a network of approximately 30 IT professionals.