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see Western European UnionWestern European Union
(WEU), European security and defense organization. It was set up in Brussels in 1955 as a defensive, economic, social, and cultural organization, consisting of Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands; Portugal and
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From a budgetary point of view, maintaining the WEU became difficult to defend," said Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere in a communique.
Regrettably, some states in the region have remained "invisible" to the EU and WEU, particularly Albania and Macedonia.
For example, there was initial confusion about whether, in view of France's absence from NATO'S integrated military structure, its troops assigned to the Eurocorps would become available for other missions under the NATO or WEU umbrella and, if so, what the command structure would be.
The WEU assembly unanimously approved a report from Italian Socialist Piero Fassino urging a road map for EU-Balkan relations, which includes concluding membership negotiations with Croatia within a year, the opening of negotiations with Macedonia and the granting of candidate status to Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.
How Bosnia's peace is secured will have significant impact on the roles of NATO, WEU, EU, and OSCE, as well as U.
He expressed optimism that the compromise would be approved by member states when they announce the plan to shut down the WEU and said the new body could be operational by the time Poland takes over the EU Presidency, in July next year.
The WEU has made efforts to project stability to Central and Eastern Europe.
After his meeting with Walter, Sahin told reporters that they had discussed abolishment of WEU Assembly in June 2011 and the Assembly of European Security and Defense that would be established instead of the Assembly of WEU in the meeting.
Two years later, in 1990, WEU ministers, meeting in Paris on 21 August, agreed to coordinate European naval operations in order to apply a trade embargo on Iraq and Resolution 661 of the United Nations Security Council.