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The new WOS features give our customers the lowest data protection overhead option in the industry, which directly translates to big cost savings.
DDNs suite of WOS object storage solutions includes WOS as software-only and several appliances that start as small as a few hundred TB.
On Anglesey alone, a total of 29 Greenland white-fronts were shot between 1998 and 2010 - numbers that are unsustainable given the current decline in populations, said the WOS.
Species flagged up by the WOS include the Cormorant (left) and |Greenland White-fronted Geese PICTURES: DEREK
However, at an organizational level, there has been insufficient research on WOS and its outcomes.
We discussed the direct effect of WOS on employee CWB, and analyzed the mediating role of SSC in the relationship between WOS and CWB in Chinese-based organizations.
But the "power" built into WOS that I wish to describe in detail is that it traces forward where a particular article has been cited.
4] Enter the bibliographic information about the article, paying attention to the WOS format, and click on "Search.
Working with sponsor companies and university partners, WOS creates customized academic certificate programs that help military veterans make effective transitions into the civilian workforce.
With ROAMEO, WOS enables users to make and receive calls and access critical features of their private system when using a wireless phone as well as their desk phone.
AT&T's WOS is a sophisticated telecommunications service that allows one phone number to reach a customer almost anywhere, combining wireless and wired networks.