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an urban-type settlement, administrative center of Kun’ia Raion, Pskov Oblast, RSFSR; a station on the Rzhev–Velikie Luki railroad line, 348 km southeast of Pskov. Kun’ia has a flax-processing plant and a butter and cheese plant.



a river in Pskov, Kalinin, and Novgorod oblasts, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Lovat’ River. Length, 236 km; basin area, 5,143 sq km. The Kun’ia River originates in Lake Vsteselevo and is fed mainly by snow. The average water discharge at the mouth is 44.8 cu m per sec. The Kun’ia freezes over in early December and thaws in late March or early April. The most important tributary of the Kun’ia is the Serezha (from the right). Logs are floated on the river.

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