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1. a man whose occupation is to serve at table, as in a restaurant
2. a tray or salver on which dishes, etc., are carried

What does it mean when you dream about a waiter?

Unless we have actually had a job as a waitperson, dreaming about being a waiter or waitress can be a straightforward representation of the feeling that we are being made to wait on others. If we dream about being in the customer role, maybe we desire to be waited on.

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uk Bar and Waiting Staff Redcar Racecourse CGC Events has bar and waiting staff positions available for race days and various events within the conference and banqueting department.
It meant that waiting staff had to give PS30 to the restaurant in cash at the end of night, if they sold PS1,000 of food and drinks all evening.
She said: "This new legislation is good news for waiting staff as it provides a guarantee for their minimum wage.
The Government will soon close a loophole that allows restaurants to use tips to cover the minimum wage but, incredibly, some refuse to confirm that tips paid for by credit/debit card will be given to their waiting staff.
MANAGERESS of Sloans bar and restaurant in Glasgow, Amy Rodgers, 27, says a huge number of waiting staff will benefit from the government's announcement.
Anyone who tips waiting staff may be surprised to know that many employers are not passing on these rewards in full.
Fergal Dowling, partner and head of employment law at the Birmingham office of Irwin Mitchell, had taken up the cause following claims that some of Britain's biggest restaurant groups were using loopholes in the law to top up the earnings of waiting staff.
More than 400 hungry revellers squeezed into the station's canteen in Donnybrook headquarters - but only six waiting staff were brought in to serve them.
Scots company Montpeliers are looking for more than 100 temporary employees to work at the Festival's famous Spiegal Gardens as bar and waiting staff.
Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson's suggestion to scrap the minimum wage to make waiting staff work harder for tips and improve service left a bitter taste in my mouth.
And the waiting staff projects a warm and enthusiastic approach to serving that is rather rare today.
The roles on offer include matchday stewards, chefs, bar and waiting staff, sales staff and guides.