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Purdom Generating Station is located in Wakulla County off State Route 363 in St.
The Bank operates from three locations: two in the Tallahassee market and a third opening this Fall in Wakulla County, FL.
In 2009, Wakulla County Judge Jill Walker incorporated the therapy dogs into an initiative to have children participate in dependency court cases.
In September 2008, December 2009, and June 2010, one ascarid each was found in the feces of a 4- and a 6-month-old raccoon from Leon County, Florida, and a 6-month-old raccoon from Wakulla County, Florida, after routine treatment with pyrantel pamoate (20 mg/ kg).
The westernmost locality was Wakulla County, Florida, on the Gulf coast (Fig.
Spitzer is an art therapist working in Tallahassee and Wakulla County, Florida.
For example, as a result of several multiple defendant capital cases, in fiscal year 1997-98, rural Wakulla County (population 18,660)(7) expects to incur $384,682 in conflict attorneys' fees and costs.
As a part of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) Early Restoration Program (ERP) the Department of Environmental Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Department" and/or DEP ) is issuing a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSOQ) from firms registered to do business in Florida as an architectural and/or engineering firm to provide professional architectural, engineering, surveying, permitting, and limited construction management services for the Mashes Sands Park Improvements project in Wakulla County, Florida.
I'm now armed with better tools to lead my board and add more value and benefit to our community," said Stephen Cushman, president of the board of directors, Keep Wakulla County (Fla.
This Wakulla County watering hole has been there for over three-quarters of a century, and is going strong, attracting an array of characters eager to chow down on fresh-shucked oysters and smoked local mullet.
Marks, Florida in Wakulla County, Florida, on Hwy 363.
Marks Reef off Wakulla County is one of the older reefs in the Big Bend, with the first deployments occurring in 1964 and again in 1988.