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Walden Pond,

Mass.: see Thoreau, Henry DavidThoreau, Henry David
, 1817–62, American author, naturalist, social activist, and philosopher, b. Concord, Mass., grad. Harvard, 1837. Thoreau is considered one of the most influential figures in American thought and literature.
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Six artists visit their own Walden Pond and present their own stories that flow parallel with Thoreau's ideas.
On his way to Walden Pond, to take in another view of "individual utopia," Reece stops in western Massachusetts to learn about "Berk-Shares," a local currency used by residents to patronize local businesses and land trusts.
What is especially sad is not that he needed Alexander Japp's 1881 visit to Braemar to coax some better sense into him,-what is sad is that such an otherwise acute reader failed miserably to see or hear the unashamed eroticism suffusing Thoreau's love--his own word (Walden 177, 213)--of Walden Pond herself.
The Walden Pond Visitor Center Project is a major investment in the Walden Pond State Reservation and the media component is part of the exhibit design which is part of a multidisciplinary team including architecture, exhibit designers, and landscape architecture.
I am no more lonely than the loon in the pond hat laughs so loud, or than Walden Pond itself.
Together they visited his beloved Walden Pond, swam and sunned at beaches across New England and cheered for the Sox at Fenway Park.
The smoothest sailing occurs in his descriptions of Walden Pond itself and of the wildlife he encounters in the vicinity, but it is a long hike through the woods with a misanthrope before we get to these passages.
DiCrocco worked with borrower Frowein Road LLC, who will use the loan to refinance existing debt on Walden Pond Apartments.
Thinking of Thoreau's Walden, his time there, and the time he gives us in his book about his time there, his "days and nights" in the open, beside the clearing of water beside the woods, I wondered: Is Thoreau's privacy at Walden Pond a form of privation, or does his solitary experience convert inherited notions (prejudices?
Set in the year of 1845, Thoreau decides to build a cabin by Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, in order to discover all he can about human nature and its relationship with material concerns.
Boston has its Freedom Trail and Harvard University, while Walden Pond is nearby.
Thoreau considered his year at Walden Pond an "experiment," which is how many of us regard our attempts to explore new methods of producing food and living more simply.