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Lech . born 1943, Polish statesman: president of Poland (1990--95); leader of the independent trade union Solidarity 1980--90; Nobel peace prize 1983
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Duterte also expressed that he wanted to seek more advice from Walesa," it added.
But Walesa, now 72, said: "You are not able to change the true facts through lies, slander and forgeries.
The personal file contains an envelope and in it there is a manually written commitment to collaborate with the secret service signed: Lech Walesa "Bolek"," said a spokesman for the institute.
Through a business mean, Mr Walesa said, Things are quite different today as people are migrating from urban to rural as farming is paying well.
The three most important points that I retain from my conversation with Lech Walesa ring familiarly in the current struggle for freedom, stability and legitimacy across the Arab world.
Speaking to Mazda executives, Walesa said, "In order to make things better in the world, leaders have never given up in the face of difficult challenges and conventional thinking.
Some commentators are now suggesting that Walesa, the leading figure in Poland's successful democracy struggle against communism, has irreparably harmed his legacy.
Walesa split with Solidarity seven years ago over policy issues, although Solidarity still shares many of Walesa's Catholic views.
John had traveled to the country for a concert in 1984, when Communist army chief General Jaruzelski ruled Poland and the protest movement, led by trade union Solidarity and its leader Walesa, was at its height.
Walesa used the line to describe his role in heading the historic Solidarity movement from the Gdansk pier.
Who other than Lech Walesa can better share this experience.
Later Walesa and Zasada was detained by police for trespasssing on a restricted military area on Saturday.