Walker, Robert

Walker, Robert,

d. 1658?, English painter, a follower of Van Dyck and favorite portraitist of Oliver Cromwell. His portraits of Cromwell and his family and followers are convincing studies of Puritan temperament. Examples are in the National Portrait Gallery, London, and the Metropolitan Museum.
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NORTHUMBERLAND UNDER-20s: George Adams, Oliver Foster, Gary Andrews, Peter Weightman, Oliver Walker, Robert Parker, Rhodri Adamson, Samuel White, Louis Frankland, Richard Elliott, Joshua Hedley, Callum McCulloch, Ethan Wilson, Joe McKenzie, Nicholas Cairns (c).
The group's organisers, Pearl and Martin Bennett, have recently stepped down after five successful years, handing over the organiser's post to keen local walker, Robert Clarke.
These athletes include World Series slugger Lance Berkman, former Dallas Cowboy and Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker, Robert Griffin III this years Heisman Trophy winner, as well as Matt Bullard, former NBA Champion of the Houston Rockets.
The Midlands will be represented in Zandvoort by Sam Walker, Robert Rock, John Bickerton.
Brown's Social House, Brown's Restaurant Group LLC; Walker, Robert Andrew; Walker, Scott Adrian; Mattson-Walker, Caitlin Renee; Walker, Kathie Marie has applied to sell spirits/beer/wine in a restaurant lounge at 3101 Newmarket St.
The Scout leaders were Keith Smith, Mike Walker, Robert Stryker and Dinah Trenk.
Bert Williams and his partner George Walker, Walker's wife Aida Overton Walker, Robert "Bob" Cole, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, musicians W.
I have to mention the young lads such as Allan Walker, Robert Snodgrass and Richard Brittain.
In a good all-round display, Beaumont raced in for two tries, with others coming from Matthew Walker, Robert Roche, Reece Lawrence, Jakob Garside and Liam Doughty.
netDecide's customers include firms such as Bank of America, Legg Mason Wood Walker, Robert W.
The Midlands challenge will be led by former Ryder Cup players Paul Broadhurst and Peter Baker plus Sam Walker, Robert Rock and Tom Whitehouse.
Subs (not used): Ball, A Walker, Downes, D Walker, Robert Taylor.