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Wallace's line,

imaginary line postulated by A. R. WallaceWallace, Alfred Russel,
1823–1913, English naturalist. From his study of comparative biology in Brazil and in the East Indies, he evolved a concept of evolution similar to that of Charles Darwin.
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 as the dividing line between Asian and Australian fauna in the Malay Archipelago. It passes between Bali and Lombok islands and between Borneo and Sulawesi, then continues S of the Philippines and N of the Hawaiian Islands.
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So even in the upper-end Wallace line [of holloware and giftware], we have to have items, and not just programs.
Yesterday, MSPs also backed the Wallace line and even some who were originally against the coalition said they now wanted to keep it alive.
The black or navy Bally pump sells for $225, although the popular Thomas Wallace line is about half the price.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair To Govt Md Accn Bldg No 107 108 110 And 111 At Wallace Line Near Butchery Total 32 Qtrs At 1 Stc Jabalpur