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All those angles taught me to wish that John, from his prison on Patmos, had imagined another heaven: eternity packed in the florets of a daisy, sectioned in a curve of nautilus, a long arc of walrus tusk.
Under the pile, just off the road, the skeleton of a boy buried face down, a flat stone across his lower back, and to give him hope on his journey a walrus tusk, some red pigment, a flute sculpted from a bird's bone and the toggled point of a harpoon.
Made of walrus tusk ivory, the 78-piece collection has been the subject of controversy as some Scots claim the full set should be returned to Lewis.
Of all the extractive harvesting documented in the far north, including walrus tusk and beavers (of note, northern fur seals did not migrate beyond the Bering Strait and so there is only glancing coverage of them), the most riveting and seemingly consequential--which is saying a lot because the fur trade wreaked extensive havoc on existing pathways in whatever guise it took--was indeed commercial whaling.
The milder climate also allowed their open-decked wooden ships to maintain trade with Europe, exporting walrus tusk ivory and polar bear skins in exchange for both necessities (iron, lumber, tar) and luxury goods (stained glass and communion wine for their cathedral at Gardar).
A statuette carved from a walrus tusk is decorated with more than $3,200 worth of diamonds, amethysts, sapphires, an emerald, ruby and jade.
I normally prefer my sixguns to be constructed of blued steel, stainless if I must, wood grips, stag and, most assuredly, elephant or walrus tusk.
It's a place to try on snow goggles, hold a walrus tusk, and examine baleen baskets, opening the window to Arctic culture and craft.
The early piece of medieval art was carved from walrus tusk ivory in the early 11th century and would originally have been covered in gold foil and hung with precious stones or pearls.
GSC-3396 plant material Thule 730 [+ or -] 70 GSC-3561 plant material Thule 590 [+ or -] 50 GX-6069 oak wood Thule 670 [+ or -] 110 I-11769 fox bone Thule 575 [+ or -] 75 K-1078 walrus tusk Thule 1040 [+ or -] 100 K-1080 walrus tusk Thule 1010 [+ or -] 100 K-1099 driftwood Thule 1010 [+ or -] 100 K-1487 walrus tusk Thule 1120 [+ or -] 100 K-1488 walrus tusk Thule 1150 [+ or -] 100 M-1260?
Last month this column cited a Smithsonian article about a 13th century village in Greenland that was abandoned when the village's primary source of trade, walrus tusks, lost market value to African elephant tusks.
In the classic sense, scrimshaw is associated with incised and inked whales' teeth or walrus tusks.