Walter Cunningham

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Cunningham, Walter


Born Mar. 16, 1932, in Creston, Iowa. Astronaut of the USA.

In 1951, Cunningham began his service in the US Navy, where he was trained as a pilot. He later left active military service but remained in the Marine Corps reserves with the rank of major. In 1960 he graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a major in physics. In 1961 he received a master’s degree in physics at UCLA and subsequently a doctorate. He worked for an industrial corporation, where he studied the problem of defense against ballistic rockets launched from submarines and also problems of the earth’s magnetism. In 1963, Cunningham became an astronaut for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Together with W. Schirra, Jr. and D. Eisele he completed a space flight from Oct. 11 to Oct. 22, 1968, on the Apollo 7, which made 163 revolutions around the earth. This was the first test flight of the command module of the Apollo spacecraft.

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The book (the second volume of the Outward Odyssey book series) begins with a very weak introduction by Walt Cunningham.
Visitors can also attend a lecture by Mr Cernan as well as have a photograph with him and fellow Apollo astronauts Rusty Schweickart and Walt Cunningham.
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Astronauts attending Spacefest IV include Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Gene Cernan, Charlie Duke, Edgar Mitchell, Dave Scott, Walt Cunningham, Richard Gordon, Al Worden, and Scott Carpenter.
Names etched in history, such as Professor Stephen Hawking, former Nasa astronaut Walt Cunningham and the last survivor of the Titanic, Millvina Dean, are just a handful of Alan's interviewees.
Apollo 7's Walt Cunningham said: "All of us thought we would be on Mars by the year 2000.
Apollo 7 Lunar Module Pilot, Walt Cunningham and Dr Edgar Mitchell, the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, who was the seventh man to walk on the moon are also expected to be there.
Gordon Cooper, Walt Cunningham, Richard Gordon, Mae Jemison, T.
Prior to that meeting, Walt Cunningham and James Sturgeon also resigned as directors, and Mr.
Other astronauts include Guy Bluford (4 Shuttle Missions and the first African-American in Space), Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7), Dick Gordon (Gemini 11, Apollo 12), Stu Roosa (Apollo 14) and Al Worden (Apollo 15).
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