Walter de la Mare

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de la Mare, Walter

(də lə mâr), 1873–1956, English poet and novelist. For many years he worked in the accounting department of the Anglo-American Oil Company. Much of his verse and prose shows delight in imaginative excursions into the shadowed world between the real and the unreal. Included among his books of poetry are Songs of Childhood (1902), The Listeners (1912), Peacock Pie (1913), Poems for Children (1930), and The Fleeting and Other Poems (1933). His fiction includes Henry Brocken (1904), The Return (1910), Memoirs of a Midget (1921), and On the Edge (1930), a collection of somewhat macabre short stories.


See J. Atkins, Walter de la Mare: An Exploration (1975); D. Cecil, Walter de la Mare (1978).

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Walter de la Mare thought Bridges not a great poet but a "real" one, and "sure to live.
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George Bernard Shaw often stayed while writing his plays and Siegfried Sassoon penned his poem A Ruined Castle in 1924 when he was staying with Walter de la Mare in Skrinkle nearby.
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However, my father gave me fair encouragement at times and suggested I should attend a series of lectures given at University College, London, by Walter de la Mare.
Poet to Poet - Edward Thomas's Letters to Walter De La Mare Editor: Judy Kendall (Seren, pounds 14.