Walter Model

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Model, Walter


Born Jan. 24, 1891, in Genthin, East Prussia; died Apr. 21, 1945, near Duisburg. Fascist German field marshal (1944).

Model joined the army in 1909 and served in World War I (1914–18). In November 1940 he was placed in command of the 3rd Panzer Division, with which he served in fascist Germany’s attack on the USSR. He became commander of the 41st Panzer Corps in October 1941. Model was commander of the Ninth Army on the Eastern Front from January 1942 to November 1943 (with interruptions). He then commanded Army Group North from February to March 1944, Army Group Northern Ukraine from April to June 1944, and Army Group Center from June to August 1944. Model was considered a master of the retreat, carried out scorched earth tactics, and was noted for particular cruelty. He was commander of the western troops from August to September 1944 and Army Group B in France from September 1944. Model’s troops were defeated in April 1945 during the Ruhr operation of 1945 and capitulated on April 18, after which he shot himself.

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The Haenel model was designated MKb42(H) and the Walther model MKb42(W).
Busch fell out of favour following the Nazi's humiliation by the Red Army - he lost 300,000 men in battles at Vitebsk and Minsk - and he was sacked in July, 1944, replaced by Field Marshall Walther Model.
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