Walter Von Reichenau

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Reichenau, Walter Von


Born Oct. 8, 1884, in Karlsruhe; died Jan. 17, 1942, in Poltava. Fascist German field marshal (1940). Son of a diplomat.

Reichenau fought in World War I and then served in the Reichswehr. He was chief of staff of a military district from 1930 and chief of a department at the Ministry of the Reichswehr from 1933 to 1935. Reichenau participated in building up the Wehrmacht. He was one of the most fanatic Nazi generals. He was commander of the Tenth Army in the attack on Poland in September 1939. In October 1939, Reichenau became commander of the Sixth Army, which he led in the aggression against France and the USSR. He became commander of Army Group South on the Soviet-German front in December 1941. In the same month he issued an order concerning the extermination of Soviet prisoners of war and Soviet civilians. He died of a heart attack.

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Walther von Reichenau, Commander-in-Chief of the 10th Army for the invasion of Poland, Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch and Hans von Kluge, who commanded the 4th Army, were also artillerymen, and General Paul von Kleist and Erich Manstein, another key army commander, had been in the cavalry (although Manstein too had been wounded).
The Polish Pomorze Army was destroyed in the north and the German 10th Army under General Walther von Reichenau and the 8th Army under General Johannes Blaskowitz had soon broken through and around the Polish Krakow and Lodz armies.