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Waning; Waxing

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The circuit of the moon from new moon to full moon and back to new moon is called the lunation cycle. The waxing phase is when the moon is seemingly increasing in size, from new moon to full moon. The waning phase is the opposite; it is the apparent reduction of size going from the full moon to the new moon.

Most magic is done in conjunction with the phases of the moon. Positive magic is done during the waxing phase and negative magic during the waning phase. Negative magic is not necessarily harmful magic; its intent may be to rid a person of something such as a wart, a bad habit, or discomfort. The waning cycle is also a good time to have hair cut, since then it will not grow back so quickly. The phases of the moon are also very much considered with gardening. During the moon's increase it is time for germination, growth, and composting. The waning cycle is a time for fruition, maturity, and pruning and thinning.

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Lunar believers like me reckon, just like the Ancient Greeks and Romans did, that a month is divided into four seven-day quarters, depending on whether the moon is new, waxing, full, or waning.
But because the Moon is dishonest, when it's shaped like a "C" it's actually waning, and when it's shaped like a "D" it's actually waxing
William H Bouwsma, The Waning of the Renaissance, 1550-1640.
He didn't go for a pin until the waning seconds of the last period because he is suffering from a pinched nerve in his neck.