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Polar bears are the highlight and raison d'etre of Wapusk National Park and protected natural area.
The photographer, Canadian physician Don Gutoski, wasn't aware of the significance of his image at the time; he was one of several tourists visiting the shores of Hudson Bay, near Churchill, in the Wapusk National Park intent on seeing polar bears.
Key words: dendroclimatology, forest-tundra, Churchill, ring-width, Picea glauca, Picea mariana, Larix laricina, Wapusk National Park, response-function.
Color photos of bears from Wapusk National Park, Canada, and elsewhere illustrate how they build dens, hunt, look for food, court and mate, care for offspring, and migrate.
They will have travelled up from their summer haunts in nearby Wapusk National Park and, each year for a rough period of six weeks from early October to late November, they congregate at the mouth of the Hudson Bay - a few miles from town.
LOCATION: Wapusk National Park, 47 SE Churchill, MB
He decided to venture to Canada's Wapusk National Park because other shots he'd seen failed to do its wildlife justice.
Dr Lasa waited next to the bay at Wapusk National Park, before the sun was up, hoping for a bear in the right position at the right time.
This warm-hearted little cub couldn't resist giving mum a big kiss at Wapusk National Park on the shores of Hudson Bay, Canada.
Judy Waytiuk's descriptions of the polar bears in Wapusk National Park, in Churchill, Canada, however, are more disturbing.