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(1) The removal of wounded or sick personnel and prisoners of war as well as inoperative or superfluous equipment or captured materiel from combat areas to the rear.

(2) The withdrawal of troops from areas of military occupation, for military or political reasons or as the result of the conclusion of an agreement or a treaty.

(3) The removal of civilians, businesses, institutions, and property as well as valuables, such as works of art, from an area threatened by enemy attack or stricken by a natural disaster, such as a flood.

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Head bowed and thoughts lost in precious memories, Dunkirk veteran Garth Wright, from Plymouth, laid a wreath at the grave of his fallen boyhood friend as he attended a service to remember those lost during the Second World War evacuations.
A Gilsland walk offering almost 5,000 people - born at the local spa hotel in Second World War evacuations of pregnant women - tea at their birthplace.