Warner, Harry

Warner, Harry (Morris)

See under Warner Brothers.
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EASTERN PROMISE: Year 12 students Jasper Warner, Harry Brooks, Rose Stuart, Hannah Coakley pin wishes to a tree at Howells School in Cardiff in support of Oxfam Cymru's Wish Upon a Star campaign
They were men like SamGoldfish (from Poland who changed his name to Goldwyn), Irving Thalberg,Jack Warner, Harry Cohn and Louis B Mayer.
45pm, SOS Titanic is screened, a 1980 docu-drama of the sea disaster directed by Billy Hale and starring Helen Mirren, David Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Susan Saint James, David Warner, Harry Andrews and Ian Holm.
Presiding over these projects were all the old front-office monsters--Jack Warner, Harry Cohn and Louis B.