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(also warning coloration and form), one of the types of protective coloration and form in animals. Aposematic coloration, which contrasts with the animal’s background, is demonstrated suddenly in response to danger and is usually combined with a threatening pose and sounds.

The back wings of certain moths of the family Sphingidae and the genus Noctuidae, as well as cicadas, locusts, and mantises, have eyelike spots or bright bands. Normally these insects are not noticeable, owing to cryptic coloration. When an enemy approaches, however, they open their back wings and unexpectedly reveal their bright coloring, which frightens off the predator. Caterpillars of the family Sphingidae assume a threatening pose, raising the front portion of the body slightly and inflating the thorax, on which eyelike spots protrude in some species. Octopuses, agamas, and chameleons assume a threatening pose and acquire vivid coloration; many reptiles also hiss. The death’s-head moth emits a sharp squeak by releasing air from its foregut.

Aposematism protects animals from predators and gives them an advantage in the struggle for life.


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There is no early warning mechanism for conflict prevention and we lose precious time.
Chairman NDMA appreciated the efforts of all stakeholders and directed to improve early warning mechanism for dissemination of information to communities.
National and Regional Parliaments in the EU-Legislative Procedure Post-Lisbon: The Impact of the Early Warning Mechanism
The first phase of Recovery and Resolution Planning of the identified Domestic Systemically Important Bank is complete and Early Warning Mechanism for Oman is in advanced stages of development" he furthered.
With a plan to double the corpus currently available with RIMES from the current $ 250000 to $ 500000 over the next 18 months, the RIMES nations are already formulating a Master Plan for 2016-20 that would take into account the monsoon occurrences, among other features and create advanced early risk detection and warning mechanism for the two continents.
It also calls on UN Secretary-General Ban to foster cooperation for establishing an early warning mechanism for genocide prevention at the UN.
Approaching the building, police arrested a 33-year-old man who had been executing guard duties at the front door, and found two remote controls on his person -- one triggering a warning mechanism for those inside and another used to open the secret passages.
Earlier this year the EU Commissioner intended to activate a special early warning mechanism against Bulgaria due to the slow document processing procedures for asylum seekers and the poor living conditions.
It establishes in particular mutual access to national databases, information exchange (automatic or on request) mechanisms between tax administrations and an EU-wide early warning mechanism (the Eurofisc network).
And just last month, the region took another crucial step by putting in place a monitoring and warning mechanism for drought, a silent killer in Asia and the Pacific.
In the wake of the horsemeat scandal earlier this year that revealed large-scale fraud in the meat retail sector across the EU, MEPs have called for a tougher pan-European control and penalty regime accompanied by an electronic early warning mechanism based on the existing alert system for health threats.
Furthermore, it will work as an early warning mechanism for spotting problems that might take root and spread throughout an industry under the current process.