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1 City (1990 pop. 144,864), Macomb co., SE Mich., a suburb of DetroitDetroit
, city (1990 pop. 1,027,974), seat of Wayne co., SE Mich., on the Detroit River and between lakes St. Clair and Erie; inc. as a city 1815. Michigan's largest city and the tenth largest in the nation, Detroit is a major Great Lakes shipping and rail center.
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; est. 1837, inc. as a city 1957. It is an important metalworking center where steel is processed. There is tool and die making and the production of automobile parts, although the auto industry has suffered since the late 1970s. Warren's vast Detroit Arsenal, which made military vehicles, closed in 1996. The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command is headquartered in Warren, and the large General Motors Technical Center is also there.

2 City (1990 pop. 50,793), seat of Trumbull co., NE Ohio, in the fertile Mahoning valley; settled 1799, inc. as a city 1905. An early coal center, Warren's industries have greatly diversified. Steel, metal-forming machinery, electrical equipment, lamps, and automobile and truck parts are the principal manufactures. The Trumbull campus of Kent State Univ. is in the city.

3 Borough (1990 pop. 11,122), seat of Warren co., NE Pa., on the Allegheny River; laid out c.1795, inc. 1832. An early lumbering center, Warren is in wooded country near oil and natural gas reserves. There is agriculture (grain, livestock, and dairying), food processing, and the manufacture of metal and plastic products, transportation and electronic equipment, and machinery. The headquarters of Allegheny National Forest are there. Nearby are Edinboro Univ. of Pennsylvania and a Native American reservation.

4 Town (1990 pop. 11,385), Bristol co., E R.I., a suburb of ProvidenceProvidence,
city (1990 pop. 160,728), state capital and seat of Providence co., NE R.I., a port at the head of Providence Bay; founded by Roger Williams 1636, inc. as a city 1832.
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 on the Kickemuit River and Narragansett Bay; established as an English trading post in 1632, inc. 1747. An early whaling, shipbuilding, and textile center, it is now an industrial and resort town. Manufactures include automobile equipment, clothing, plastics, and luggage. Many fine old houses and churches survive. Warren was transferred from Massachusetts to Rhode Island in 1746. Brown Univ. was first chartered there (1764) as Rhode Island College. During the American Revolution, Warren was burned (1778) by the British.



a city in the northern USA, in the state of Michigan; a northern suburb of Detroit. Population, 175,000 (1975). Warren has enterprises of the machine-building and defense industries.



a city in the northeastern USA, in the state of Ohio; a northwestern suburb of Youngstown. Population, 60,000 (1975). Warren is a center for ferrous metallurgy and metalworking. Metallurgical, metalworking, and mining equipment is manufactured.


1. a series of interconnected underground tunnels in which rabbits live
2. a colony of rabbits
3. an overcrowded area or dwelling
a. Chiefly Brit an enclosed place where small game animals or birds are kept, esp for breeding, or a part of a river or lake enclosed by nets in which fish are kept (esp in the phrase beasts or fowls of warren)
b. English legal history a franchise permitting one to keep animals, birds, or fish in this way


Earl. 1891--1974, US lawyer; chief justice of the US (1953-- 69). He chaired the commission that investigated the murder of President Kennedy


a city in the US, in SE Michigan, northeast of Detroit. Pop.: 136 016 (2003 est.)
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Warren, 282 F3d 1119, the appeals court reviewed a Tax Court decision allowing Warren, a minister, and his wife to exclude up to $80,000 of parsonage allowance.
This provision would likely have dictated the Ninth Circuit's conclusion as to how much Warren could exclude for his parsonage allowance.
I always really believed I lived in a safe area, especially when it came to my kids, so I didn't think that much about it," Warren said in an interview with The Advocate.
For years the other kids had been calling him `faggot' and `nigger,'" Warren recalls.
In 1992, Warren won the largest settlement ever entered in such a case: $132.
But to synopsize this case is to trivialize not only Watkins' book, but also the monumental work of Warren and his co-counsel, Barry Goldstein, making the day-to-day course of the litigation seem mundane and its eventual conclusion pre-ordained.
Whatever they need--or want--the Warrens can count on their record Lottery win to secure.
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However, Warren added: "[T]hose closest knew that he struggled from birth with mental illness, dark holes of depression, and even suicidal thoughts.
Rick and Kay Warren have two other adult children, Amy and Josh.
In preparing this survey to cover the secondary scholarship on Warren since 1985, we felt the passing of the "now" with great intensity, for these seven brief years document Warren's culminating honor of the Poet Laureateship, the sad occasion of his own passing, and the tributes, reminiscences, and reassessments that inevitably follow the transition of proven genius into history.
John Garabo, morning personality for KSKS (Fresno), the concert's sponsoring station, said, "The Warren Brothers tripled the attendance of any concert we've ever had at The Clovis Rodeo.