Eastern European Mutual Assistance Treaty

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Eastern European Mutual Assistance Treaty:

see Warsaw Treaty OrganizationWarsaw Treaty Organization
or Warsaw Pact,
alliance set up under a mutual defense treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland, in 1955 by Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union.
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Since 1945 entirely new markets have appeared as if out of thin air and yet the former Warsaw Pact countries continue to founder.
Sheltered safely hundreds of miles east of Stalingrad and Leningrad's fields of slaughter, Communist activists from each of the future Warsaw Pact countries were prepared for execution of elaborately detailed plans to seize control of their native lands after the Red Army occupied them.
1992Nato and former Warsaw Pact countries reach agreement on limiting troop strength.
By tracing Romania's relationships with Moscow and its Warsaw Pact satellites through the dimensions of intelligence and defense relationships, Watts confirms that Romania was at the very least a reluctant if not defiant member of the Warsaw Pact.
This is no new edition of the Warsaw Pact, and not anti-NATO," Medvedev said.
1955: Eastern (Soviet) bloc countries signed the Warsaw Pact.
Taking a largely chronological approach, he identifies four distinct periods characterized by, in turn, efforts to solidify sovereignty and turn away from the limitations and dependency relationships of the Warsaw Pact (1989-1993), work towards achieving national security assurances through joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1993-1999), negotiations of the country's membership of and accession to the European Union (1998-2002/3), and recent attempts to enhance Polish prestige and international standing through participation in the war in Iraq and through negotiations over the European Union's Draft Constitutional Treaty.
One of the nicer effects of the fall of Communism was that we got access, often at very good prices, to Warsaw Pact Arms that were very mysterious in Iron Curtain times.
Why are we taking delivery of 232 Eurofighters, designed to shoot down Warsaw Pact MiG-29s, when the Warsaw Pact no longer exists?
Strangelove figures in the US who believed that communism was a contagious disease that should be destroyed in detail, NATO almost certainly was a defensive alliance, with no ambition to seize back the Soviet satellite states of Eastern Europe that formed the Warsaw Pact, let alone attack the Soviet Union itself.
The sight of Russian forces occupying swaths of Georgian territory dredged up bad memories across the former Warsaw Pact.
August 21, 1968: Warsaw Pact troops began an invasion of Czechoslavakia.
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