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Washington, Bushrod,

1762–1829, American jurist, b. Westmoreland co., Va.; nephew of George WashingtonWashington, George,
1732–99, 1st President of the United States (1789–97), commander in chief of the Continental army in the American Revolution, called the Father of His Country. Early Life

He was born on Feb. 22, 1732 (Feb. 11, 1731, O.S.
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. He was an original member of Phi Beta Kappa at the College of William and Mary, where he was graduated in 1778. Having served (1780–82) in the American Revolution, he was a member of the Virginia house of delegates and of the Virginia convention that adopted (1788) the Constitution. In 1798 he was appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court. He was executor of George Washington's estate and aided John Marshall in writing his biography of Washington. He helped organize the American Colonization SocietyAmerican Colonization Society,
organized Dec., 1816–Jan., 1817, at Washington, D.C., to transport free blacks from the United States and settle them in Africa. The freeing of many slaves, principally by idealists, created a serious problem in that no sound provisions were
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 in 1816.

Washington, Bushrod

(1762–1829) Supreme Court justice; born in Westmoreland County, Va. (nephew of George Washington). He fought in the American Revolution and served the Virginia legislature (1787). President John Adams named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1798–1829) where he usually concurred with Chief Justice John Marshall's decisions.
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