Washington Rock State Park

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Washington Rock State Park

Location:Off Route 22 in Greenbrook Township on Washington Rock Road.
Facilities:Picnic tables, scenic overlook.
Special Features:The strategic location of Washington Rock made it a valuable lookout point during the American Revolution for General George Washington in June of 1777 when the British army, under General William Howe, was moving toward Westfield. From the vantage point of this natural rock outcropping, General Washington had a 30-mile panoramic view of the valley and was able to instruct his troops to circle behind Howe’s troops and cut off their retreat.
Address:c/o Liberty State Park
Morris Pesin Dr
Jersey City, NJ 07305

Web: www.njparksandforests.org/parks/washrock.html
Size: 52 acres.

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Originally known as the Washington Rock Building and Loan Association, Investors Bank holds more than USD20bn in assets.
Among the five protesters who managed to get into the chamber were Otis Ferry ( the son of Washington rock star Brian ( and Luke Tomlinson, 27, a friend of Princes William and Harry.
To date, eleven (11) core holes have been drilled in the Washington Rock and "West Riverside" areas which are owned by Metaline Contact Mines.

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