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a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan



title of ministers and highest dignitaries in many Islamic countries. In the Ottoman Empire the supreme or grand vizier (vezir-i-azam, sard-azam) headed the government (the Porte), issued orders (fermans) in the name of the sultan, and signed peace treaties. With the termination of the sultanate in Turkey (1922), this office was abolished.

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Both GreenSuite and WASIR were acquired in all-stock transactions that include incentives for revenues recognized in 2014.
Wasir Ali's two sisters also died due to illness in their 40s.
Hasan Wasir said: "Any young person going to court for criminal damage is sent to take part in the graffiti reparation scheme.
Those groups were the ones causing thousands of pounds of damage and needed to be targeted in a pan-city way," said Mr Wasir.
Mr Wasir said one of the most important aspects was fourth part, prevention.
Hasan Wasir, of the Anti-Graffiti Unit, said: "Graffiti like this has the potential to really impact on neighbourhoods.
Mr Wasir said: "Birmingham had really bad rates of graffiti and it was a bleak picture when we started but we have already exceeded the target.
Indian High School, Dubai: 66 (Terry Michael 21, Siddharth 20, Aniket 12, Jaison 6, Sagar 2, Yash 3, Mitesh 2) beat NIMS Dubai 13 points (Kurian Kuruvila 7, Vikash Kumar 2, Mohammad Sahad 2, Mohammad Abdul Wasir 2).
Misra A, Vikram NK, Gupta R, Pandey RM, Wasir JS, Gupta VR Waist circumference cut-off points and action levels for Asian Indians for identification of abdominal obesity.
The city's anti-graffiti strategy co-ordinator Hasan Wasir said tagging was not a low-level offence and had the potential to damage communities.
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