Waste management

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Waste management

The process of collecting, recycling, and disposing of waste materials produced by human activities. Waste management involves solid, liquid, and gaseous substances, some of which can be hazardous. As such, each requires a different method and procedure to process. Solid waste, such as wood, concrete, glass, drywall, and asphalt shingles, is the primary type of waste produced by buildings.

waste management

1. In the public sector, a systems approach to the efficient control of the disposal of waste in a community or region; requires the establishment of a policy regarding environmental standards, the collection and treatment of wastes, the monitoring of air, soil, and water quality, and the enforcement of established regulations.
2. In for-profit organizations, the carrying out of similar functions, with the exception of enforcement.
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The global wet waste management market is marked with intense competition due to the presence of a large number of large- and small-scale firms.
It also touches on hazardous waste management, medical waste management, waste water management, recycling Systems, material recycling, landfill technologies, composting ,waste management policy, financing, planning and regulations.
The new program will use conveyer belts, magnets and currents to separate recyclables at Waste Management's Ecocenter, a recovery facility at the Commercial Row Transfer Center in Reno, which will cost Waste Management more than $20 million to build, Polito said.
Invicia did not obtain an endorsement from the insurer naming Waste Management as an additional insured.
In 2002, Waste Management used some of its credits by donating all of the 120,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emission reduction credits needed to offset additional CO2 emissions anticipated from the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
Already other waste management businesses have staked homes in the region including a co-generation plant and a local metal recycler which may offer future job placements.
From the very onset of the program, HVS-R/E Hospitality Waste Management Systems manages all aspects of the hotel's solid waste disposal - from renegotiating service arrangements to continuous cost-control monitoring and serving as the customer service department for each property in the management system.
This regulatory scheme is consistent with EPA's pollution prevention policy and the national waste management policy statements contained in other proposed RCRA legislation.
The meeting committed participating groups to accelerate technical innovation in such integrated waste management and to share knowledge and resources that will increase the rate of change in public attitudes toward plastics.
As a result, the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open achieved the highest diversion rate of any major sporting event and was the first-ever major sporting event not to use trash receptacles.
I've been up there knowing that at some point Waste Management would be coming forth with (an expansion) proposal,'' Millhouse said.

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