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Animal and vegetable waste from restaurants, hotels, markets, and like installations; contains up to 70% moisture and up to 5% incombustible solids. Also see refuse, rubbish, and trash.
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5 to 4 hours for two drums, depending on waste type characteristics such as moisture content, viscosity, heat value, etc.
Generally, the foundry process variability affected the waste types similarly.
Check your recycling facilities - are they adequate, and do they cater for all your common waste types - paper, card, glass and metals?
Codes, waste types, volumes estimated values are found in the attached table.
Four waste types are evaluated as feed materials for the waste-to energy process: sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastes (crop residuals and manure) and landfill gas.
recognize examples of different waste types in an organization
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the removal additionally arising waste types, and provision of various removals, transport and assembly activities at the goethe university in frankfurt.
Waste types can include radiological, solid and hazardous materials.
Industrial Waste Management Services Market: Waste Types (Europe), 2010 17
The waste types include but are not limited to, trade waste, food waste (both EU and International generated), paper, cardboard, glass, mixed recycling and mixed packaging.
The universities listed above are seeking an efficient, high quality waste collection and recycling service conducted in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner The Waste types are divided into Lots within the Contract, please see the Invitation to Tender for further details.