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Watt's Dyke:

see Offa's DykeOffa's Dyke,
ancient entrenchment of W England and E Wales, from the Dee estuary to near the estuary of the Wye River. It was built in the 8th cent. by Offa, king of Mercia, as a barrier against the Welsh and lies mainly along the England-Wales boundary.
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Planning permission for 338 homes on the site had been refused in 2013 because of the impact on the green barrier, highways issues and concerns relating to Wat's Dyke.
Peacefully at The Wrexham Maelor Hospital, of Hawthorn Road, Marford, near Wrexham and formerly of Wat's Dyke Way, Wrexham, aged 95 years.
15pm at West House, Bridgend, on the subject of Wat's Dyke.
WREXHAM: British Legion, Wat's Dyke (01745 812260), Sarah Ellen Hughes Quartet.
A POST-ROMAN LOCAL KING or powerful warlord, rather than an eighth-century Anglo-Saxon ruler of Mercia, now seems likely to have been the mastermind behind the construction of Wat's Dyke, the frontier earthwork that snakes through the northern section of the Welsh borderlands.
5) There are settlements with names of (pre-)medieval English origin, including some of parish status (*) or Domesday manor status (**), on the coastal plain west of Wat's Dyke and on the brow of the Clwydian Hills, for example Rhyl, Prestatyn*/**, Mostyn*/**, Mertyn**, Whitford*/**, Axton**, Picton**, and Gwespyr**, suggesting that this area was Mercian-controlled and that the effective border was at some stage not dissimilar to that represented in the older view of the Dyke, but including the coastal plain right as far west as the river Clwyd.
Earlier this week schoolchildren were banned from playing outside at Wat's Dyke CP school in Garden Village, Wrexham over fears of an attack by dogs from a nearby traveller site.
Wat's Dyke is believed to be older than its more famous counterpart, and stretches from Mid to North Wa
A clue to the dating of that is Wat's Dyke (built apparently in the early eighth century by AEthelbald of Mercia), which runs only a mile east of Gwysane, and Offa's Dyke, which ran to the west of it.
Staff at Wat's Dyke CP school in Garden Village, Wrexham, are worried two dogs seen on the camp, set up on Monday, could get into school grounds under a fence.
Wrexham council chiefs had recommended it was given the go-ahead, because they said would also help preserve part of the ancient Wat's Dyke scheduled monument.
The 15-hectare wood includes a range of archaeological and historical ancient monuments including Wat's Dyke, Bronze Age Coed Llys Stones and a medieval fortified house of Llys Edwin.