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What does it mean when you dream about watching something?

Watching something in a dream could reflect suspicion, though it could also simply be a message from our subconscious that we need to pay more attention to something. A dream about watching could also be alluding to the meaning of a common idiom, such as “watch your back,” “a watched pot never boils,” “it’s like watching grass grow,” “watch the clock,” etc.

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Equally as important are the households who are participating in activities, other than spending time online, in place of watching television (14.
Approximately two-thirds of the WETA population (66 percent) have gone to a network's web site for more information about a program after watching the program.
One further highlight of the close relationship of a network's television programming and its web site is the proportion of individuals who are online at the network's web site at the same time they are watching programming on the network.
Joseph Miller of Tarzana was in Houston, watching the moon landing closer than most people.
Sitting in a room with 80 other engineers, watching data as it came in from the spacecraft and trying to be ready for any of a million things that could happen, he said he's using polite understatement to describe his feelings by saying ``my stomach was churning.
Meanwhile, he said, his parents were watching a Lakers game.
But I remember watching Neil Armstrong that night, and will for the rest of my life.
Alex said that his parents aren't so concerned with his watching R-rated films with sex and profanity.
It would also give my kids an `out' if kids at school start ragging on them for not watching this or that.
Of course, Elba and her three youngest children (Jessie, 14, Christinea, 11, and Peter, 10) don't spend a lot of time watching TV, period.
Elba also objects to her kids watching commercials that advertise beer and, in her mind, promote alcoholism.