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Watchtowers are associated with the four directions—east, south, west, and north— in the Wiccan ritual Circle. They are etheric, symbolical structures set up to guard the Circle during the rites. The ceremony of erecting and consecrating the Circle contains reference to the Guardians of the Watchtowers. In some Wiccan traditions these guardians are equated with the magical elementals of sylphs (east = air), salamanders (south = fire), undines (west = water), and gnomes (north = earth). In other traditions, there is no specific naming or identifying of the guardians.

According to Grimassi, in ancient Rome small towers were built at the joining roads of a crossroads and an altar placed before each tower. On these altars offerings were made to Nature spirits in the form of the Lares, or Compitales. The Lares were originally placed where two fields joined, since they were protectors of agriculture, but later they were also placed at crossroads.

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While the watchtowers are typically used for surveillance and guarding purposes, FOBs tend to fill the gaps between the watchtowers, functioning as bases from which the military can control the ground and soldiers can operate.
The five-floor watchtowers will be equipped with all the necessary facilities that troops stationed there might need, the daily added.
The La Union provincial engineering office propped the leaning watchtower with piles (concrete columns used in building bridges) and covered its perimeter with gabion mattress.
Traditionally, during the rule of the Imams, which ended in the 1960s, at night, guards would man the watchtowers built at the seven massive entrance gates to Sana'a's Old City.
In June 2010, another Bulgarian soldier was hurt in Kabul after falling from a watchtower.
Palestinian sources quoted witnesses as saying that Israeli occupation forces stationed at watchtowers along the eastern line of the Gaza Strip opened machine guns fire randomly at the houses in the area which led to damaging a large number of houses and spreading a state of fear and terror among the Palestinians.
On Saturday his widow Vivien opened the watchtower at Porthdinllaen, to be staffed by volunteers who will scan the waves and radio channels for distress calls.
Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers, for readers aged 12 and above and priced at GBP15.
THE last of the Army's watchtowers in South Armagh was demolished yesterday.
That's the latest word from the Anglo-Saxon watchtowers at Harvard where the venerable political theorist Samuel Huntington recently materialized outside his academic hermitage to declare six more decades or so of political winter.
SECRETARY of State for Northern Ireland, Paul Murphy, could find himself in the dock if he decides to press ahead with proposals to dismantle the British Army's watchtowers in south Armagh.
AT least 22 police officers and soldiers were injured yesterday when a republican mob attacked security watchtowers in Ulster.