Water Environment Federation

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Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Address:601 Wythe St
Alexandria, VA 22314

Web: www.wef.org
Established: 1928. Description:Educational and technical organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. Members: 40,000. Dues: $75/year (plus Membership Association dues).
Publications: WEF Highlights (quarterly); free to members. Choice of one of the following is also free to members: Water Environment and Technology (monthly), or Water Environment Research (monthly).

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Terry Phillips, chief financial officer and director of administration for Springdale Water Utilities in Springdale, was named 2013 Water Manager of the Year by the Northwest District of the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environmental Federation.
Currently, Moler is a member of the American Water Works Association, Water Environmental Federation and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
At the Water Environmental Federation Conference and Exhibition held in New Orleans last December, American Cogiball Lateral Grouting Packers was presented the 1999 Innovative Technology Award in the systems category.

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