Water Gap

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water gap

[′wȯd·ər ‚gap]
A deep and narrow pass that cuts to the base of a mountain ridge, and through which a stream flows; the Delaware Water Gap is an example.

Water Gap


a river valley that transverses mountain ranges or uplands. Water gaps may be antecedent or superimposed valleys.

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A trackway of a horseshoe crab was found in the Bloomsburg Red Beds at Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area of northwestern New Jersey (41[degrees]08'05" latitude, 74[degrees]53'11" longitude, Fig.
They are the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (a publicly owned recreation area under the administrative/management jurisdiction of NPS) and the Turn Store and Tinsmith's Shop and the Peters House, two properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
However, if spending increases an average of three percent a year over inflation, the clean water gap would deflate to $31 billion and the drinking water gap to $45 billion.
The Delaware Water Gap, for example, remains a popular view.
Catch a trolley to the Delaware Water Gap or enjoy a movie at nearby resorts, Fernwood or Shawnee.
Beach debris and mud inundate picnic grounds and beaches at Pennsylvania's Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, among the most popular parks in the populous Middle Atlantic states.
Situated on 423 hilltop acres adjacent to Blairstown in one of New Jersey's most scenic counties, Blair is just 10 minutes from the Appalachian Trail and the Delaware Water Gap, only 60 miles from New York City, and 2 hours from Philadelphia.
The Villas at Tree Tops and Fairway are located on 400-acres adjacent to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
A series of historic homes in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is now being used as artist housing, studios, and retail space at the Peters Valley Craft Center, which occupies the buildings for free in exchange for performing regular maintenance.
After trying the last of the tranny tricks we split up, Billy swerving off on his own to jump a water gap and backside Smith a rail, and the rest of us heading to the Brea park.
The Delaware Water Gap is on the point where the Delaware River cuts through the Appalachian Mountains on its way to the sea.
He has found ancient oak forests growing along the bluff line at the Delaware Water Gap in northern New Jersey, trees that were already mature during America's westward expansion.